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Santa Fe Flute Immersion Closing Concert 7/3/2016 Program

A Guest Concert with the Henschel Quartett 6/18/2016 Program

The Chapel Series May Finale Opera Program 5/29/2016 Program

"The Art of Transcription" 5/8/2016 Program

Mozartfest 2016 4/3/2016 Program

courtesy videographer John Sadd

Annual Valentine's Concerts 2/20/16 Program

Johann Sebastian Bach, Cello Suite #4
Johann Sebastian Bach, Triple Concerto
Johann Sebastian Bach, Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue
Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata 164

Annual Winter Solstice Concert 11/28/2015 Program

Violin Concerto in A minor BWV 1041
Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata BWV 151
Motets, music from Irsee Monastery in Bavaria, Germany, and Renaissance choral music of the season

Santa Fe Flute Immersion 2015 Closing Concert 6/28/2015

  Aaron Alter -"Homage to Josquin" - World Premiere

Brahms in Maytime 05/31/2015 Program

Liebeslieder Walzer (Op. 52)
Wie Melodien
Wenn du nur zuweilen lachelst
Vorschneller Schwur
Wir wandelten
Von ewiger Liebe
Die Mainacht
Zigeunerlieder (Op. 103)

Bach 330th Birthday Celebration 03/22/2015 Program

Magnificat in D Major (BWV 243)
Easter Oratorio (BWV 249)

Annual Valentine's Concerts 02/13/2015 Program

J.S. Bach, Coffee Cantata (BWV 211)
Jean-Philippe Rameau, Pieces de Clavecin en Concerts (No. 3)

Annual Winter Solstice Concerts 11/30/2014 Program

Sonata in A major for Flute and Obbligato Cembalo (BWV 1032)
Motet, "Komm, Jesu, komm" (BWV 229)
Magnificat in D Major (BWV 243)

2014 Bach Fest in Las Vegas, NM, 11/16/2014 Program

Bach Motet "Komm, Jesu, Komm" BWV 229
Bach Magnificat #1 Magnificat anima mea
Bach Magnificat #2 Et exultavit
Bach Magnificat #3 Quia respexit
Bach Magnificat #4 Omnes generationes
Bach Magnificat #5 Quia fecit mihi magna
Bach Magnificat #6 Et misericordia
Bach Magnificat #7 Fecit potentiam
Bach Magnificat #8 Deposuit potentes
Bach Magnificat #9 Esurientes
Bach Magnificat #10 Suscepit Israel
Bach Magnificat #11 Sicut locutus est
Bach Magnificat #12 Gloria

Debut Concert - May 25, 2012

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3